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The Very Best

To start the most comprehensive leveling program on your farm using the very best land leveler on the market today call us.

Agronomists agree that any tender young plant standing in 1 inch of water for 1 hour in the hot sun is not going to be a healthy plant if it survives.  The root system is weakened and that plant is incapable of properly feeding itself.  A good recurring planing program will give much better moisture control by elimination high spots and filling pot holes.
We eliminate over-moving of soil, an inherent factor in most other land planes.  The blade layout of a Rayne Plane offers; good light tillage of the soil; good redistribution of the topsoil; and a very aggressive planing program that will not completely eliminate your precious layer of topsoil.
Most other planes have a limited number of operating days.  Because of the blade configuration, and the high floatation tires, you can get in the field sooner after a rain with a Rayne Plane.
You can get up tighter in the corners with our steering design.  NEVER TURN SO SHORT THAT THE PLANE IS DRAGGED SIDEWAYS.  DO NOT OVER STEER.
Our machine is designed to move faster through your field.  In fact, the faster you pull it the better job it does of tilling and leveling.  Of course your first pass will be slower, but after a few years you will be able to run the leveler as fast as 8 to 10 mph.  Just make sure the leveler does not bounce or get overloaded.


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We can supply parts for all of your Rayne Plane farm machinery.  We are now producing Rayne Plane Land Levelers and have over 100 years experience in the production of Rayne Plane equipment.  Ray Constantin and Steve Leger are now the co-owners of Rayne Plane Inc.


  Maurice Constantin            Walter Constantin          Ray Constantin

Maurice founded M Constantin & Sons in 1921 which later became Rayne Plane Inc.  Walter was Maurice's son and was the second generation of the family to own the business.  Ray is Maurice's grandson and the third generation of the Constantin family to own and operate Rayne Plane.  We take pride in our ability to serve our customers in a manner which is second to none.  We are still supplying parts to the first Rayne Plane Land Leveler built in 1947.